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Cash Prize Cross-Promo!

Cash Draw $200.00

July 2nd - July 7th

Complete On Any Single Day

Between July 2nd - July 7th  

The More Times You Complete & Claim In This Promo

Will Increase Your Chances In The Cash Draw!

Simply Surf 75 Pages At Each Participating Traffic Exchange

And Claim The Special Surfer Rewards Prize
At Each Traffic Exchange To Qualify For 1 Entry
In The Cash Draw, The More Days You Claim, The Bigger Chance Of Winning.

Choose From 20 Credits Or $0.01 At Each TE!!

(Complete This Promo For Automatic Entry In  The $200 Cash Draw!)


We Highly Recommend
Surfers DO NOT Surf More Than 5 Traffic Exchanges At The Same Time
While Completing This Promo!

(Surfing more than 5 TE's in a large surfer rewards cross-promo can cause problems with registering your clicks correctly & you may find yourself having to surf much more than the required amount for the system to qualify you for a claim.)

Prize Draw Breakdown

1st Place= $50.00
Rosica Dimitrova-(rosyl)

2nd Place= 2 x $20.00
Inga Ozolina (IngaOz)
Mircea Doru (dowdow)

3rd Place=5 x $10.00
Cristina DelaTorre (pclicks)
Sean Jennings (seanjennings2010)
Lucia Vancova (pipos8)
Julian Iliev (j ulian)
Liz Korevaar (Lizzie53)

4th Place=10 x $5.00
JoseLuisRodriguez (jlfxfoto)
Arlene Gravidez (ahyengravie)
Anna Nikolaidou (anna65)
Eleanor Candy (dolphin772004)
Catharina Jongejan (snoopy)
jelle boskamp (jelle655)
Petra Pelgrom (igor111)
Andy Szebenyi (Andy85)
Tibor Holacsik (klassz70)
Piritta Jokinen (piri74)

5th Place=10 x $1.00
JoseAntonio MorenoFernandez (josepedujo)
Asy Darakchieva (AsyDarakchieva)
Jerry Ballantyne (stacymevol)
Marsha Cooper (marsha32)
Aymane Bouisaghouane (HaypoN)
Michael Aziz (MichaelMAziz)
Noami Arce (knowme28)
Willy Vanharskampmoorman (smurfie)
Simon Aguilera (sjaguilera)
Paul Wharton (eternalhits)

Winners will be Posted on Magical Journey TE
Winners will be paid through their Magical Journey TE account.
No NEED to send a support ticket.
Make sure to have YOUR correct payment processor information
in YOUR Profile for Paypal.

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(Draw Will Be Made Within 10 Days Of Promo Ending)

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